What´s the difference between Paid & Free VPN ?

by Admin

Posted on May 17, 2019 at 14:00 PM

Why Do People Use VPN ?

People use VPN to protect their online privacy and data also many people around the globe have some problems with internet filters and go-restrictions, this that block access to particular websites or apps on the internet.

Paid or Free VPN ?

When it comes to hight quality and best experience, we all do know that paid services are better than free services, butthat only depends on how and what are we going to do with the VPN this why you need to understand the difference between Paid or Free VPN.


  • They offer basic features.
  • Allow a remote connection.
  • Data are encrypted.
  • Unblock Banned Sites.
  • Safe to Use in Public Network.
  • It´s limited But can be up to 500 MB per Navigator.

  • All Free VPN features.
  • Multiple connection .
  • Download Torrent Safely.
  • Online Personal Data Protection.
  • Unlimited bandwidth Up for 1T.
  • If you are using VPN only to unblock websites and surfing online for a shorter time than Free VPN could be a solutionfor you but if you are thinking of watching Netflix or using it heavily like everyday life than I suggest to use paid vpn

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