China Most Restricted Online materials 2019

by Admin

Posted on May 5, 2019 at 16:00 PM

CNN since Few months published a huge post about items that you can never find them in China. We try to make it easier for you to understand china better before visiting it.

1 – Facebook which is blocked and banned from china Government since 2009, actually the Chinese government has no attention to be opened on US culture and USA sites.

2- Snapchat also you won’t find it working on your device in case you visit china.

3- pintrest which was accessible for years in china just in 2017 was blocked definitely sou series can never in china create boards and share their pins worldwide.

4- pornography websites are definitely blocked by Chinese Government, user can never access to similar sites from china.

5- Foreign films are nearly all blocked, banned in china except round 34 films which it means that china government still consider USA culture bad to Chinese people.

6- E-books and videos such as iTunes, Disney, streaming, service all types are blocked too.

7- Casinos are definitely not allowed in china since the Chinese revolution 1949 that’s why all sites contain Gambling are blocked and banned in china too.

8- Books in china are under control, it’s not easy to find books, talking about the disadvantages of communism this would be a crime.

All items above are on the Net. Chines people, especially youngs prefer to be in touch with Skype, pintrest, whatup, iTunes and many other websites, they found the solution to access to all these items banned in china, the way quiet simple is using a proxy server to bypass what was banned by the Chinese Government.Proxy server makes it accessible to all these websites.Since censorship appeared on websites, proxy servers and vpns developed a lot.

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